triple percolator bong Sale! WP-CH-36 WHITE BONG WITH BLACK ABSTRACT SUB-CONTINENT PRINT. Double Honeycomb Bongs and Triple Honeycomb Bongs Check out our wide selection of honeycomb bongs and waterpipes. The diffusion of the tree stems is really smooth. Mar 15, 2012 · Forums Smoking Accessories Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes. May 03, 2019 · This triple perc bad boy is one of the coolest water pipes in the world because of its intense percolation and filtration, along with its beautiful and sleek design. 4. 5cm long 3-slit diffusor drop-pipe into your water. Aug 28, 2020 · 3 Honeycomb Percolators. Despite its common name, this 3 chamber bong is anything but typical. 5mm joint Colored male 14. The Triple Threat Green Percolator Glass Bong packs a tonne of interesting features creating ultimate aesthetic impact! As you light up and pull; watch as the water fills the circular barrel and bubbles out through the first matrix percolator, then filters through the honeycomb percolator, and finally up through the final, large-holed percolator. $84. The Triple Disc HoneyComb Perc Bong from Black Leaf features three blue honeycomb percolator discs in the body of the tube. This is definitely a classic when it comes to bongs, the honeycomb perc has been the most widely preferred percolator for many years now. The aptly named "Ripper" bong from SMOKEA offers the ultimate percolation featuring three honeycomb percolators and topped off with a large barrel perc. Chongz Green Nasty - Triple Tree Percs Bulk buy glass bong triple percolator online from Chinese suppliers on dhgate. 99 · Product Availability · OVERVIEW BONGS COME IN A VARIETY OF HEIGHTS, STYLES AND GLASS  7 Dec 2019 The CaliConnected Triple Showerhead to UFO Perc Beaker Bong is a conspiracy theorists dream water pipe, with 4 UFO shaped percolators  This glass triple percolator bong system begins with a honeycomb percolator, leading to a rocket percolator followed by a dome percolator. Staight ROOR Bong With Triple Honeycombs Perc and Birdcage Perc Small Clear $89. Percolator . This will bring out all the best qualities of your herb. Featuring 3 identical and symmetrical tree percolators with 12 arms each, you get triple diffusion for the ultimate smoking TSUNAMI TRIPLE HONEYCOMB HEART PERC (17″) Tall in stature, and elevated in filtration features, the Tsunami Triple Honeycomb Heart Perc is top-shelf for premium hits. The Grace Glass Triple Dome is a triple threat. https://www. Includes a 19mm male herb slide. This is Acrylic Triple Chamber Percolator Water Bong. 8inch - Triple Honey Comb Perc Straight Tube Bong. In the bong shown in the photo, the gas flows from the lower port on the left to the upper port on the right. Joint Size: 14. com/products/triple-honeycomb-bong 3. Oct 03, 2020 · Types of Perc Bongs. Chongz - Green Nasty Triple Tree Perc Beaker Bong. DHgate offers a large selection of 14 bongs and bong 18. Enjoy the spectacle that is this water pipe! Decal style and Jul 18, 2019 · Faux Metal Boro Glass 14mm Female Triple Honeycomb Perc Bong 9. Packaged discreetly and free shipping Australia-wide for orders over $100. 60 / Piece US $36. We provide the best brands making ashcatchers today including Maverick, Diamond, and Recycler in both 14- and 18-mm sizes and all angles. This type of bong is only for use at home. 8 mm banger to convert her into an oil rig. The three percolators allow for the smoke to pass through and diffuse before reaching every percolator, giving you a less harsh hit. 00 Most Popular Percolator Bongs for Sale: Use code PERC10 for 10% off all Percolator Bongs. As we have come to expect with cheeky one products, the NP-3 is a beautiful piece of glassware and is also highly functional. The stemless design makes this glass pipe easy to clean, and its small size makes it fairly portable. Percs are just one component of a water pipe. Certain types of percs simply don’t fit inside a straight tube water pipe, so the beaker's big base is an important factor if you’re set on on using a specific perc. This Triple Tree Perc Beaker includes a 14mm male funnel bowl for dry herbs, and 18mm male to 14mm female downstem. It is a smooth hitter and a great example for how beginner friendly bongs can be. Most bongs share a similar anatomy and accessorize with bells and whistles. Enjoy silky smooth rips as your smoke passes through one or more percolators and produces a cool, filtered result your lungs will love. Nov 25, 2015 · Wondering how to clean a perc bong? Also known as a percolator bong, one of the most common questions is how do you clean the thing? Most of the construction is straightforward and similar to a normal bong, but the percolator is a complex and breakable part of it. Price $44. This bong comes in Opaque Black color. MAV Glass 12in Pyramid Beaker Bong ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ $ 169. If that's not enough for some smooth rips, we've also added in a built-in ice catcher to chill every hit. Get deals with coupon and discount code! Source high quality products in hundreds of categories wholesale direct from China. On top of that, the triple-tree perc action from this bong ensures you will never be disappointed by your hits. GG154 - 14" CUSTOMIZED WITH MATRIX PERC GG17 - 18'' Stemless Pineapple To Rocket Perc Water Pipe. Percolator bongs are a very popular choice of bong. Straight tube bongs contain a simple but effective straight design from top to bottom and usually contain a diffused downstem for percolation. $79. The slits in a downstem or percolator have to be submerged in water to work. SALE. $29. If you want maximum smoothness without compromising the flavors and effects of your herbs, this is the bong for you. Percolator glass bongs come in a variety of vessels including beakers, straight tubes and dab rigs. These water pipes are about 18 inches tall. When you're seeking the coolest, smoothest smoking experience, nothing can beat triple diffusion. This bong has a built in down stem so you do not have to worry about dropping and breaking it. You’ll need pipe cleaners and isopropyl alcohol for a start. See more products from Alien Flower Monkey. Straight tube bongs and water pipes are timeless. The Bong Shop are leading retailers of Percolator Bongs and Water Pipes in Australia. Definitely one of the best perc bongs we got, this one is great because it doesn't require much water but diffuses like a dream. The design features three honeycomb discs that are aligned evenly on the glass tube. Shop Tsunami glass bongs & dab rigs online at High Roller Smoke today. Whether to comfort or decoration, we provide a range of styles to assist you in making appropriate choices of bubbler ash catcher bong online. We ship in a discreet brown box Don't let the size of this bong fool you. Choose from best sellers by Diamond Glass, DankGeek, Sesh Supply, Empire Glassworks, and more! These dab rigs are con The China Glass “Cao Cao” Dynasty Vase Water Pipe $ 119. Robust 5 mm thick double percolator bong at a very affordable price. $109. The area where function can be seen is left as tasteful clear glass so the perc can still be enjoyed to the fulles Jun 29, 2014 · Hi havent posted in a while or been on but I knew this is where I could probably find my answer okay so I purchased a bong off of a friend that has 3 triple arm percs that are pretty dirty, I have tried salt and iso and shaken like a bitch and can only seem to get the top perc almost totally clear. With glass bong manufacturers getting ever more extravagant with their offerings in recent years, a range of different cooling mechanisms has been developed to help us smokers achieve the creamiest of tokes. In stock. This is the biggest from the collection and made for your  Large Triple Disc with Barrel Perc Bong. 8 percolator with superior quality and exquisite craft. This pretty lady is grand, standing at 17 inches high. This is one of the best triple perc bongs on View full details This triple honeycomb perc bong is an outstanding specimen of design made for one reason and one reason only - to deliver the smoothest tokes imaginable. From bongs to pipes, vapes, and everything in between, all the products in this collection were proudly crafted on good old American soil. With killer function and 17inches tall, you can rely on this bad boy to take you to space. Instead of being equipped with a HoneyComb Disc or Tree Perc, this bong has a truly unique kind of diffuser that Shop latest triple perc water bong online from our range of Hookahs at au. Looking for the perfect pipe is not an easy task, especially when you're looking for cheap bongs that will still treat you right. There are also many leading manufacturers that create and use percolators including but not limited to Zob, Black Leaf, Blaze, Mathematix, Grace glass and many more which can all be found at Beefy’s. The CaliConnected Triple Turbine Recycler Bong features a dynamic dual function design that provides incredibly smooths rips from both your dry herbs and wax concentrates. Honeycomb percolators have become the most popular pers in bongs to date, and for good reason. $299. Towering triple percolator bong for a great price High quality borosilicate glass Straight design Reinforced fixed downstem Triple honeycomb disc percolator Female 14. The Triple Recycler Bong has three separate chambers located above a half fab egg base that houses a circ perc. Fast shipping . Shipped with epacket Priority Mail. The triple percolator bong is the perfect waterpipe for anyone who desires an extremely smooth hit. Includes a 19mm  The new design of double bowl incorporated in this triple percolator fits perfect due to the size of the bong. If you're looking for a smooth rip look no further. This double showerhead and the triple chamber are definitely the top two picks for smoothest bong. These parts are hold together perfectly by a keck clip. Bong percs are on most glass water pipes and smoking bubblers for water filtration. 40. Description Black Leaf – Glass Bong with Triple HoneyComb Disc Perc – 25. The Triple to Single UFO Perc Beaker Bong diffuses your smoke plenty of times on its way through. Febr. Bongs for Sale such as this awesome 5mm thick and heavy Pyrex glass bong with 3 massive donuts. If your water pipe has a 14mm female joint, then it takes a 14mm male jointed ashcatcher. The Triple-Chill Hitter is for serious smokers who prioritize quality and performance above all else. Great quality, sturdy glass. Wax bongs, hookahs, bubblers, etc. Bullet HeavyGlass Bong Purple 40,00 The “Little Buddy” Double-Filtered Handheld Pipe is a mini version of our standard Double-Filtered Handheld Pipe. The thick glass and allows for a great durability so this bong is meant for a lifetime. The three percolators provide three extra filtering  A color glass accents make this percolator ice bong from Genie Glass a beautiful piece of glass art. This amazing bong with its thick premium glass construction is loaded with filtration features. Select from three different color. This bong is the ultimate in filtration and dexterity. Percolator bongs have an extra water chamber in them to ensure a smooth user experience. Main Features Triple Honeycomb Disc Perc Ice Catcher (6 Pinches) 18'' Straight Scientific Glass Bong American Glass 50mm Glass Tube 5mm Thick Glass 18mm Female Joint Comes with an 18mm $109. GRAV Coil 2 days ago · triple honeycomb percolator bong (san jose west) $100. The item may have slight color difference as the different d isplay,but the real item is beautiful beyond your expected. Dylan S. Wilson Glass features a compact straight tube design with a Triple Donut to Reinforced Fixed Inline Perc. - Triple Stacked Mushroom Circ Percolator - Neck Width: 25mm - Can Width: 50mm - Joint Size: 18mm Female - 4-Hole Bowl Slide - 18mm Male - C2 / Custom Creations Logos Mini Rig - Owl Find yourself a new smoking partner with this owl rig. They provide maximum diffusion and filtration with l View full details. Is there such a thing as too much diffusion? Nah. Oct 22, 2020 · 14" inch Glass Water Pipe Bong - Triple Honeycomb + Showerhead Percolators. Most bongs like this can be hundreds of dollars but Nucleus Glass always tries to keep their magnificent pieces at an affordable price. It's packed full of features such as its triple percolator system, diffuser stem and ashcatcher bowl. On Sale. 5mm or 18. Height: 17 inches Base Diameter: 4 inches Authentic Strong 7mm Glass Triple Matrix Percolator Function 18mm Male Bowl and Downstem The Black leaf bong is spectacular and sleek. 00 USD Light Turquoise - Sold Out Black - Sold Out Blue - $120. The bottom part features a reinforced fixed downstem and three honeycomb discs. 8 mm; Pieces: 2. The set of triple tree percolators relies on the power of water to  Fantastic, you have my bong business! Fast you are! Report as Inappropriate. And if there are no items you want to buy, you can also search Hookahs, Smoking Accessories, Household Sundries, Home & Garden to get your attention. Perc bongs work by filtering the smoke through an additional built-in water chamber. 50. com are strictly examined. Percolator Bongs, aka Perc Bongs, as the name indicates, features one, double, triple or even multiple percolators inside the bong for filtration and cooling down the temperature of the smoke or vapor for perfect hits! Percolators come in many different types and shapes for different purposes. This pipe uses Activated Coconut Carbon to effectively trap and reduce or eliminate tar and other impurities, along with Organic Cotton as a secondary filtration to further trap and filter out other impurities from the smoke. S. The product has a triple filtration system. This straight tube bong is not just equipped with three honeycomb discs, but a glycerin coil as well, working together seamlessly to provide you with an optimal smoking experience. With built-in notches for ice cubes, you can extra chill any rip, too. Height 10" / 3. As bong enthusiasts, you’ve seen different kinds of bong percolators, and you might have wondered why there were many different kinds of percs. Features: 12” Tall Triple geyser perc 23 inch beaker. The Triple HoneyComb by Black Leaf features 3 honeycomb percolator discs placed throughout the body of the tube. With the three dome percolator features traveling from the chamber to the ice pinch, it's also an interesting focal piece to add to your collection. Manufactured in 4 mm Pyrex Glass it is a serious bong for astute lovers of glass bongs. The Triple Percolator Bong features three laser cut tree percolators for a smooth hit with zero drag. 99 Out of Stock Free UK Delivery. Includes three geyser percs; ice ‘pinches’; and splash guard. Out of stock. In the meanwhile, you can check out 1090 bongs triple percolators customer reviews and a wide range of bongs triple percolators?all of whom offer stylish, but cheap bong, Glass bongs triple percolators from DHgate. 6. The Cristal straight percolator bong features a triple layer of honeycomb percolators, providing you with the smoothest hits imaginable. (Here at your favorite online headshop, we love our hand pipes. 30. $60. Double bubblers not only look cool, they actually help cool off the smoke for smooth tokes. Customer Reviews. This is one of the best hitting little bongs out. 00 Gold - Sold Out Teal - $120. Cheeky One Teleporter 40cm Percolator Bong £49. $189. The Pulsar 14" Straight Tube Glass Bong features a triple turbine style percolator, 90 degree 19mm female female joint, and splash guard. Bong, Dab Rig & Bong Bag The Triple Percolator Bong features three laser cut tree percolators for a smooth hit with zero drag. 99 Sale price $119. This percolator pipe have a 4. There are different styles of them ranging from showerhead and honeycomb diffused ones to double and triple percolator bongs. 14" tall borosilicate glass design; Triple turbine style percolator Canada's trusted one stop smoke shop for bongs, vaporizers, vapes, e-liquid, pipes, grinders, rolling paper, drug/detox kits, storage, ashtrays and more. 00 Read More; VIEW. 2017 Tripple Honeycomb Spiral Percolator Bong Test Review :)Mein Amazon Partner Link: http://goo. The beaker has a 12 cm long Adapter Diffuser with joint sizes of either 14. This piece comes in: Onyx Slyme Clear 12Large glass bong with smooth, percolated hitsMake monster amounts of bubbles with our incredible 17” Quad Octo percolator bong made from durable borosilicate glass. 72 oz • Thickness: 4mm • Base: 4. All percolator bongs provide a smoother, more enjoyable smoking experience, because they offer an additional layer of filtration. 99 Black Leaf Glass - 7mm - Triple 5-arm Tree Perc Ice bong - No Carb Hole: $199. The triple perc beaker bong adds important filtration and cooling to the smoke for the most enjoyable hit. This enormous 20-inch tall bong will take a whole bowl's worth of smoke and turn it into a delicious, easy-going rip that will send you to the moon. 7. 00. The product colour may vary depending on stock availability. Company Profile: HF GLASS PRODUCTS CO. It features three of a clear glass slitted 5-arm tree percolator  This triple perc bong is great for legal smoking! Honeycomb percs do a great job in breaking up your smoke into tiny bubbles, and this triple perc bong uses 3  Built to last, the robust 17-inch Triple Honeycomb Heart Perc Water Pipe by Tsunami Glass serves up a triple whammy of a rip. 10 inches tall (compact size can be great for passing around, traveling, etc For the smoothest water pipe hit imaginable, you can do much worse than a percolator bong. When you’re seeking the coolest, smoothest smoking experience, nothing can beat triple diffusion. Price: $168. Built to last, the robust 17-inch Triple Honeycomb Heart Perc Water Pipe by Tsunami Glass serves up a triple whammy of a rip. AFM 20in Triple 8-Arm Tree Beaker Bong has a rating of 4 stars based on 1 reviews. com/products/6-arm-beaker-bong-teal 2. C $87. Welcome to TenTokeTV! We're all about showcasing awesome glass pieces/water pipes/bongs! Triple Tree Perc Bong Glass Water Pipe Bubbler Lake Green. Anyone who owns a Thick Ass Glass Showerhead Perc knows the durability of the design, from the strength and thickness of the glass to the design of the joints. Product SKU: WP-10038. 18. 5" Base Comes with 14mm male bowl Free shipping available on US orders Shipping - water pipe is in stock and will ship within Description This scientific glass water pipe features three honeycomb disc percolators stacked on top of each other for intense filtering and diffusion. the smoke will travel down and be filtered by the 10. (Paso Robles) $100. This is a unique bong with an Percolator design for you to experience smoke. For example, an ice catcher is considered to be a percolator as well for its ability to "catch" or "hold" ice cubes even snow inside, so when you inhale, the smoke or vapor will pass through all The Triple Percolator Bong features three laser cut tree percolators for a smooth hit with zero drag. This glass was made in our local Los Angeles factory. Get deals with coupon and discount code! Source high quality products in  Silver Emblem on Opeque Black tube; Triple Percolator; Glossy Finish; Matching Acrylic Base/Feet; Package Content: 1 Bong With Complete Accessories. 00 TORO Glass Double Micro 13 to13 Trees Arms Percolators Glass bongs Black Base Female Joint 14. Quick View. These perc bongs will deliver the smoothest hit you've ever tasted. 14 Inches Straight Tube Glass Water Pipes Triple Honeycombs Percolator Smoking Bong Wholesale Glass Smoking Water Pipe. It has has three custom percolator two honeycomb and one tree. Ice Catcher. see price, Login. Also the ash catcher is unnecessary. Stemless triple honeycomb perc with ice pinches. GG153 - 16" TRIPLE SHOWERHEAD STACK. Assorted Accent Colors Just like the legendary hound from Hell, get three times the power with triple Honeycomb Percolators in the Dopezilla 16" Cerberus Water Pipe! Including a dry herb funnel bowl, this bong will help you get the max out of your herbs and flowers. Apr 15, 2015 · Yet there’s another less popular, but just as good device for smoking called a percolator bong. Jan 21, 2013 · This water pipe/bong is a MGW (Manifest Glass Works) triple perc (showerhead to double "circ" percs). Brothers with Glass is North America's premiere online headshop featuring high quality American-made Dab Rigs, Bongs, Hand Pipes and other glass pieces! Eclipse w/Triple Percolator. $169. Triple Perc Black and White Water Pipe – 16 HiSi 23in Beaker Bong - Triple Geyser Perc. 2 Chainz Smokes Out of a $10,000 Bong | Most Expensivest Sh*t | GQ - Duration: 4:26. May 29, 2019 · The Black Leaf Triple Turbine Bong is one of the most unique bongs available today. Double Barrel Bong - 12in. my new triple perc bong (3 ft tall) Triple Inline Diffuser Base. Select your favorite color from our selection. Tubes are the most common and popular style of bongs for their ease of use and simplistic designs. Sep 29, 2020 · The Glass Bong with Triple HoneyComb Percolators is sleek and has a stemless design. We have several different style percolator bongs available in our online headshop for you to choose from. It stands 15 inches tall and it sends the smoke through three percs, up through the straight neck, past ice notches, and out the softened mouthpiece. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned smoker, choosing one of the Black Leaf’s flagship bongs will be a wise decision. SKU: 10063 Categories: Glass, Roor,  21. you can't buy perc'd roors online, unless it's craigslist. 8mm Glass Bowl. The LA Pipes straight triple percolator ice bong does a great job of cooling and filtering the bubbly smoke by firstly pulling it through the slits of the submerged diffuser downstem and secondly through the triple showerhead percolator. gl/yUdS3g (Provision: Nicht mehr bezahlen . These types of bongs essentially cool down the smoke for smoother and more enjoyable rips. With three separate percolators, an ice catcher, and thick glass composition, the 20" Triple Honeycomb Perc Straight Tube Bong has everything you need for a fantastic and consistent smoking experience. Alien Flower Monkey decals, and green glass accents finish off this big beautiful beaker. Price $22. But the remarkable thing about it is the three percs placed evenly inside its 32 cm body. Imagine what kind of hits you’ll get from this bong. Price: $39. Badass Glass 87,862 views. Some of the percolator bongs are made by our own glassblowers and some by Grace glass. Matrix Straight Shot Bong. Bulk buy triple percolator bong online from Chinese suppliers on dhgate. Four Ringed Showerhead Percolator. C $82. In essence, the smoke that passes through gets filtered even as it is also broken down into smaller particles. Here we have the beautiful Green Nasty Triple Tree Percolator Bong. Standing 37cm tall and constructed from 5mm thick borosilicate glass, this water pipe is as sturdy as it is stunning and will certainly stand the test of time. com, free and fast delivery to Australia. Main 2. The best bong percolator will take all of these effects to the max, without creating too much drag so that it’s not too difficult to inhale. These are the most common types of percolators. 8mm and  Tree Glass 12" Fat Triple Dome Perc Bong · $169. Sep 02, 2019 · How Much Water to Put in Double Perc Bongs? So what about a piece with double or even triple percs? (read: a bong with percolators in multiple chambers throughout the tube of the bong) Well, the concept is the exact same as your diffused downstem, you need to have just enough water to submerge all of the openings. Top Rated Seller Top   This huge bong stands at 16 inches with lots of interior space for the smoke to accumulate and cool. Pipe has a baked on Pulsar logo. 25" • Weight: 27. $ 459. Featuring a triple slit inline percolator for extra filtration and a smooth and May 13, 2018 - Pipes and Bongs for sale , Weed Pipes, Percolators, Oil Rigs, Vaporizers. A percolator is a tool that forces the smoke to travel through water to filter it. Never seen before. com/products/6-arm-beaker- bong-teal 2. Beaker bongs also have plenty of room for percs (that's short for percolators, ICYMI) that you may choose to add extra filtration to your smoking experience. 5" chamber equipped with dual 8 arms percolator for maximum smoothness. 5: Percolator Bong Ice 'Black Leaf ELITE' 6 arm tree perc, beaker base: $103. com Menu Triple Tree Perc Bong Glass Water Pipe Bubbler Lake Green. Standing just under a foot  The Glass Bong with Triple Drum Percolator 'Black Leaf' offers the ultimate luxury smoking experience by cooling the smoke with THREE drum percolators  Triple Matrix Percolator Bong Clear Glass 32 cm The 32 cm high triple matrix percolator bong contains three glass matrix discs and a diffuser dome. The honeycomb disc cools down the smoke giving you a cleaner, smoother hit. Top brands and the best prices. Bougie Glass is one of the top tier affordable bong and dab rig production companies. The Cheeky Teleporter Percolator Bong is one of the newest in Cheeky One's glass range. This beaker base glass bong stands at approx. 00 USD Green - Sold Out Quantity Aug 26, 2019 · Another quick way to turn a simple bong into a percolator bong, or to take your percolator water pipe to the next level, is by buying a water pipe attachment that is known as a percolator ash catcher. It is built with a little owl right in the middle of this rig. 2:15. We have over 200 different bongs and accessories. Have a look. Triple the filtration, Triple the smoother smoke! Made of 5 mm thick and high quality borosilicate glass. The entire bong is made of clear glass, all the way up to the flared mouthpiece. A massive showerhead puck percolator uses multiple slits in the glass to diffuse your smoke as it travels from the fixed downstem and into the base. Water Bongs Bent Glass 13″ Triple Hurricane 14mm $ 95. dhgate. This Build-a-Bong® base is unique stemless design that incorporates a triple inline percolator to filter smoke and ash. Shop for your next fritted disc at Thick Ass Glass today! Upon examining the Dutch Glass Diamond Base Triple Perc Bong in person you will realize the level of craftsmanship this product contains. This bong delivers a "Nice & Smooth" hit and will be sure to get the job done. It comes with a triple chamber system and a hefty sized beaker at the base. Hookah Water Pipe Bong Glass 18" Bongs Triple Honeycomb & Matrix Perc US Made. Circ Percolator 26 Diffused Downstem 299 Fab Egg 51 Honeycomb Percolator 110 Inline Percolator 139 Product Description. Bloody Hell - Cheech Glass - 19" Triple Tree Perc Beaker Base Bong - Red. 99 . The Rock This Thick Glass Triple Perc Beaker Bong is the ultimate piece for smokers who appreciate taking great-tasting bong rips. $ 484. It's packed full of features such as its triple percolator  Atomic Glass - Ice Candy - Triple Percolator Bong - 43cm Thanks to the three honey comb diffusers and the ice notches, this colourful bong offers a super  The Pulsar 14" Straight Tube Glass Bong features a triple turbine style percolator, 90 degree 19mm female female joint, and splash guard. The basic anatomy of a bong is actually pretty simple. $32. From the bubbles the smoke arises through THREE 4-arm-3-slit perculators and THEN (as if this wasn't enough filtration already) through your ice trap, which cools the smoke to sub-zero temperatures, straight into your lungs, oh the filtration; so epic. Joint Size. As smoke moves from the bowl and into the main water chamber, the water will diffuse the smoke. Shop for glass water bongs, dab rigs, hand pipes, vaporizers and other smoking accessories. Percolator Bongs, aka Perc Bongs, as the name indicates, features one, double, triple or even multiple percolators inside  Large glass Percolator Bong with several filters from the Tsunami Glass brand. Height 10" Comes with 14mm male bowl (2) honeycombs & (1) tornado perc; Built with high quality borosilicate glass; FREE shipping available on all US orders. The Rock This Thick Glass Triple Perc Beaker Bong is well-equipped to provide awesome filtration during each smoking session. The triple will be a little smoother but both provide great filtration. Percolator bongs and water pipes look amazing, but their true awesomeness is in their function: The first purpose of a water pipe is to filter and cool smoke before inhalation. ) A bong (also known as a water pipe) is a filtration device generally used for smoking cannabis, tobacco, or other herbal substances. 90 - 41. Feb 13, 2017 · 109-Year-Old Veteran and His Secrets to Life Will Make You Smile | Short Film Showcase - Duration: 12:39. 5 Aug 2019 Products mentioned: 1. Three honeycomb percolators for triple percolation power. Looking to learn how to use a percolator bong? In this guide we explain the working mechanism, the different types, and the pros and cons of percolators. 00 $225. Seeking the best triple perc bongs with good quality and affordable prices from DHgate Australia site. Save big by shopping online with us. 99 $ 419. Bong Outlet carries an extensive collection of bongs so you can find the one that meets all of your needs! Find a bong that has the right style to match your personality as well as all of the functionality you're looking for! Browse them all today at Bong Outlet and discover incredible prices! With a total of four UFO percs, the Triple to Single UFO Perc Beaker Bong diffuses your smoke plenty of times on its way through. Black Leaf Triple Honeycomb Bong. Choose from your favorite brands, such as Waterfall, Planet X, Titan and many more. Bong, Dab Rig & Bong Bag. You have arrived, this is the piece you were looking for. Condition is "New". Double tree bong $55. You give a few pot heads a bunch of weed and nothing to smoke out of and … Percolator Bongs. By purchasing  The double and triple are indicative of the number of filters present in the bong. Connect it with any Hoss Glass ® middle or top pieces. It has a triple chamber system with a sturdy beaker at the base. Made in America by Americans. Aug 17, 2016 · How To Fill a Percolator Bong! Double and Triple Perc - Duration: 2:15. 18mm tree bong/rig (Weymouth) $50. Glasscity Triple HoneyComb Perc Bong with Glycerin Coil. Sold out. 2. It has three percolators, 2 honeycomb and 1 tornado that will get your smoke swirling just for that perfect hit. Height: Stands about 18. National Geographic Recommended for you 17inch Triple Matrix Percolator Bong $120 00 $120. Load More Smoke Cartel is the trusted online head shop with free shipping, instant returns, and top notch customer support. Clover Glass Classic Bongs 8 snap bowls perc to tyre perc (1) Clover Glass Copper-colored Removable Doswnstem Beakers (1) Clover Glass Water Pipes Double Eight-arm Tree perc to Massage Ball perc (1) Clover Glass six-Timbo Bongs tyre perc to showerhead perc (1) Clover Glass staight Bongs triple Honeycomb perc with ice catcher (1) WPA-11 (1) Purchase fritted discs and bongs at ThickAssGlass. Your smoke feeds into the showerhead perc, a tree perc, then percolates and pulls it through to a honeycomb perc. Our quality water pipes are highly sought after by our loyal customers. With smooth and easy hits, enormous joints, multiple arms, and a sturdy base, it is one of the finest bongs on the market. As you pull, the smoke travels through the reinforced fixed downstem, where it first reaches the triple barrel percolator. The Triple Quad Showerhead Perc Bong is a milestone in the bong market, and with twelve times the percolation power of standard bongs, its reputation is well deserved. Percolator bongs force the smoke to separate and diffuse, create more surface area for the bubbles, and force the smoke through the water even more than a regular bong. Bulk buy triple honeycomb perc water pipes glass online from Chinese suppliers on dhgate. an small pill bottle A/C from roor will be about 90, and a nice slide will be about 60. Forums Smoking Accessories Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes How much water should go in my quadruple perc honeycomb Bong? Discussion in ' Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes ' started by 420scubasteve , Sep 24, 2020 at 10:31 AM . and it works well to fulfill your smoking needs. 5" Mushroom Patch Boro Glass 14mm Female Diffuser Downstem Perc Beaker Bong 12. 4 mm; Pieces: 2. same day shipping. 5 ★. According to the scientists, a percolator bong will filter carcinogens while thickening smoke. 00 | / SKU WP3CH-44 The Triple Barrel Drum Heart HoneyComb Perc Bong by Tsunami Glass is not equipped with one percolator, but a complete range of them, all working together to provide you with the cleanest, smoothest rips imaginable. It is approved by many and is one you can not go wrong with. A percolator inside of the tube part provides two water filtration cycles, which basically means, that it cools the smoke even more than a classic water bong. Made in Southern California, Bio water pipes are engineered for those who want the quality and Y420 - Triple Inline Diffuser Base. The smoke is triple filtered through these honeycomb layers creating lots of bubbles and removing impurities. one turbine perc. This Build-a-Bong ® base is unique stemless design that incorporates a triple inline percolator to filter smoke and ash. More information. By purchasing  Percolator(s): Triple Honeycomb Percs, Quad Showerhead Percs; Joint Size: 18. The joint is female 18. It essentially 'recycles' the smoke, providing smoke filtration unlike any other percolator. The two upper chambers come with a massive 8-leg percolator diffuser. As you pull in smoke from your bong, the smoke diffuses through the holes/slits within the additional chamber. on Aug 22, 2020. Highlights: 14 inches tall 18mm female joint Three matrix percolators Trapezoid- shaped ice catcher Two color options Beaker-shaped bong Pinch bowl Thick  153 votes, 17 comments. Y420 - Triple Inline Diffuser Base. Perc Bong Features - 18” Height - 18mm Female Joint - Crafted with Scientific Glass - 12 Showerhead Percolators - Flared Mouthpiece - Ice Catcher - Sturdy Base Platform A wide variety of prices for 168 bongs triple percolators options are available to you. BRAND NEW BONG - 22' Preemo Oct 10, 2020 · Percolator: Triple Honeycomb and 1 Matrix Percolator for perfect smooth flow. 17 Inch 6 ARMS TREE PERC FREEZABLE COIL CONDENSER GLASS WATER PIPE/BONG. Bong Percolators. 99 Thick Ass Glass Offers The Best Showerhead Percolators On The Market. Fairyland includes a glass bowl that can be replaced with an 18. The twin percolators slow the smoke down magnificently to ensure it spends more time in the cooling water. Jun 07, 2008 · Alot of misimformation here, a triple chamber (two percs built into the tube) is going to be around 450, and one with three built in is going to be more. Double Tree Perk Bong (Motivated Seller) (santa rosa) $140. Sale New. A regular percolator bong passes the smoke through a water filter once, whereas  25 Aug 2020 You've probably heard of a percolator bong, or “perc,” before, though their you want a cool scientific piece with three percs for monstrous hits. This amazing bong with its thick  Percolator(s): Inline percolator, triple slit multi-chamber percolators; Joint Size: 14. The Straight Triple HoneyComb Perc Bong with Glycerin Coil by Glasscity consists of two detachable parts that are easily attached and disassembled. While the bong itself is clear glass, the perc discs are colored (choose from blue, black or green), giving it extra aesthetic appeal. 77: Percolator bongs are hose-less water pipes with built in smoke twirlers for greater cooling. We provide a variety of good bongs online supplied by reliable sellers around the world. The movement of your smoke between all these sections of the bong will result in an ultra tasty hit. 63. I actually personally recommended this piece to a friend that is new to smoking weed out of a bong. We will try our best to reduce the risk of the custom duties. 75" Pulsar Thick Glass Diffused Downstem Beaker Bong with Ice Catcher 18" Triple Incycler Dab Rig This stunningly made Diamond Glass triple recycler dab rig is another amazing design by Diamond Glass. 16" Inches Straight Tube Glass Bong Triple Honeycomb Birdcage Perc Water Pipes. These bongs can come in various shapes, sizes, heights, colors, and designs, but they all have one thing in common: they all feature some kind of percolator. No need to traipse around the internet looking for the highest quality bong, we have it here! 16" Extra Heavy Triple Honeycomb Bong Water Pipe With Matching Bowl - Black. 18mm glass bowl has fine finishing with four different colors. Home 13" Dream White Tube Triple Perc Water Pipe. At 10" this little bong packs a punch but is so smooth because of the three percolators (shower head, 8 arm tree & inline). It is beautifully made and crafted by Nucleus Glass. This 14" glass bong has 2 honeycombs & 1 multi arm tree percolator. Made in the U. Add to compare. 50mm x 5mm tube 23 inches tall with beaker base. Sturdy 5mm glass, along with the supportive base provide durability and a long lifespan for this piece. You deserve the best! We love lists as much as you do. 7mm extra thick solid high quality glass bong has a triple barrel perc and a glass dome for lots of bubble and very smooth hits. It's not blue at the top though just clear glass all the way. The awesome shape of this base makes any setup stand out, and it doesn't require a downstem. Shaman Glass Handicraft Percolator Triple 10-arm Shaman Glass Handicraft Five HoneyComb Ice. Our products are intended for tobacco use only. Triple honeycomb percolator heady bong quartz banger dab rig bongs oil rigs smoking accessories water pipe glass pipes hookhas pink purple US $32. 20 FREE SHIPPING. USD $149. Description Black Leaf Glass Bong with Triple HoneyComb Disc Perc | 32cm This scientific Glass Bong by Black Leaf not only comes in a sleek, stemless design, it also features three blue Honeycomb discs placed evenly throughout the body of the tube. Our glass blowers devote skill and precision into their craft to create pieces that are designed to look amazing aesthetically and work even better scientifically. Their pieces are highly sought after for their function, design, and quality. Product Name: Fairyland – Triple Recycler. com. Sold out $36. Our Triple Filtered Product Line has been growing since the introduction of the Industries First Filtered Device; the McFinn’s Original. GreenWater Pipes has the smoking accessories that you need. With three percolators and an ice catcher, you’ll enjoy awesome hits whether you smoke alone or with friends. KING's Pipe sells the Tree Perc Colored Glass Beaker Bong by AFM Glass featuring the dual perc system that is diffused downstem to 8 arm tree percolator. Each glass pipe swirls your inhales over a bed of water -- and through a number of percs if you like! Our straight stem water pipes range in size from petite to tall for every preference. The Chongz White Nasty 37cm Triple Percolator Bong is made from high quality 5mm thick glass to ensure that it will last. 16" Triple Inline Showerhead Percolator Bong. Percolator bongs can be hard to clean, depending on the model. Feb 05, 2020 · Shop now Read our review. 4mm Spike and Crystal Dome Perc Water Pipe – 16″ Triple Inverted Dome Water Pipe – 14″ $ 46. This behemoth of a water pipe is not some kind of gimmick. This is one of the best triple perc bongs on the market. This is a durable and easy to handle and easy to clean. The smoke gets cooled and filtered in 3 chambers. With USA fast shipping, you wont be waiting around to re-up! Featuring unbeatable deals and unmatched customer service, let us show you why the water is greener at GreenWater Headshop. Looking to buy a Bong online with discreet shipping? Smoke Tower is offering the best collection of water pipes, Glass bongs, bongs, glass pipes, grinders, rolling papers, vape and dab accessories. by AFM Glass. However, each percolator achieves this goal in its own way, and adds a unique and important aesthetic element to each piece. $135. They come in various forms with (Tree, Dome, Shower-head, UFO, Drum and Honeycomb percolators) Diffusor bongs have attachable smoke diffusors, down-pipes or adaptors with multiple slits, holes or in the form of a shower-head. Percolators are additional filtration chambers located inside a bong or water pipe, usually inside the main chamber or within the tube on the way to the mouthpiece. 55 - 46. 5mm herb bowl Bullet-hole ice pinch No carb hole Colored accents on mouthpiece and foot Available in black and milky jade GRAV 12in Flare Water Pipe w/ Honey Comb Disc - Black 12in Barrel to Triple Matrix Tree Perc Straight Bong Envy Glass Designs 11in Bent Neck Inline to Crystal There are many water pipe accessories available, including slides, ash catchers and percolators. Triple Filtered Glass Pipes filter out between 75% and 100% of pesticides and carcinogens. Bongs, aka Perc Bongs, as the name indicates, features one, double, triple or even multiple percolators inside the bong for filtration and cooling down the temperature of the smoke or vapor for perfect hits! Percolators come in many different types and shapes for different purposes. Created in 4 mm Pyrex Glass it is a serious bong for our astute customers to enjoy. The glass bong is fitted with percolators that filter out the smoke to ensure your puff is as smooth and silky as can be. The 14mm Clear Triple Donut Inline Bong by B. Percolator bongs are sturdy pieces with interesting design and come with a glass on glass downstem. 9. 5cm This scientific glass bong by Black Leaf not only comes in a sleek, stemless design, it also features three blue Honeycomb discs placed evenly throughout the body of the tube. Triple Tree Perc Bong Glass Water Pipe Bubbler Lake Green. With triple percs, you’ll get smooth, pure hits that give you the full effect of your herbs. Quick View Details. Extract Rigs Pure Glass 12″ Gatling Beaker Bong With Fixed Grid Perc Downstem $ 195. KING's Pipe Online Headshop offers a multitude of high-quality glass bongs for sale such as glass water pipes, oil rigs, bubblers, and recyclers, which is the mainstream smoking device with water filtration used when smoking dry herb, tobacco, concentrate, oils, and other legal substances. Add to cart see price, Login. This allows the smoke to be cooled down quickly for a more pleasant inhale that isn't harsh. You will find the best dab rig for your needs in this collection. Mar 03, 2020 · MGW Glass water pipes are in hot demand, and the quality of the triple chamber bong makes it easy to see why. C$139. You’ll triple your smoothness with three honeycomb percolators, equipped with small holes for ultra infusion of bubbling water action. 28 / Piece; Free shipping; Sold: 1015; Add to Cart Chat These include the tree percolator, the dome percolators The Dewar, Coil percolator, Pinwheel percolators, honeycomb percolators, and inline percolators. . Includes: 18 mm male glass bowl. In construction and function, a bong is similar to a hookah, except smaller and especially more portable. The stemless style eliminates the need for a downstem making this the new innovative standard for straight shot percolated water pipes. Experience unmatched quality & design by Tsunami. pressing crystal thick base. All these have their fair share of pros and cons. https://w Perc Bongs Percolators (Percs) within the glass water pipe provide a much-needed system of filtration that assists in cooling the smoke by breaking it up into little bubbles and increasing the surface area to be cooled down by the water for the perfect hit. We have various popular styles and percolators to choose from. Now that we have gotten the basics out of the way let us get into the thick of things – reviews of some of the best percolator bongs on the Nucleus Triple to Single UFO Perc Beaker Bong This is a nice 11" tall percolator bong that has two water chambers and provides smooth hits for all users. 00 . In general, you will find it hard to bring a percolator bong with you on the road. Height: 7. That's why Smoke Cartel has compiled a Top 10 Guide to the best glass bongs and water pipes of the year, each vetted by our team of glass enthusiasts. 22 / Piece HiSi 23in Beaker Bong - Triple Geyser Perc. Dec 18, 2019 · Bear this in mind before buying a triple perc bong. Great quality. The Triple Recycler Bong is made of thick, clear glass so you can see the smoke traveling. Manifest Glassworks is an eastcoast group of glassblowers who uphold the integrity of the American pipe making movement. 8mm. 04. That’s why the Quad Octo Perc Bong filters your smoke and vapors first through a matrix perc in the fir Pure Glass is an artisanal glass company inspired by the spirit of Los Angeles and known for its iconic smooth etch glassware. Parts of a Water Pipe. 5" diameter colored round base will balan This majestic Double Percolator Bong is a real masterpiece of design and glass work. 11 INCH TRIPLE HONEYCOMB WATER PIPE: 12 Inch 2 Part Liquid Freezer Beak Base Water Pipe: 16 Inch Double Tree Perc Water Pipe: $22. Browse our selection of honeycomb perc ashcatchers, turbine perc ashcatchers, fritted disc ashcatchers, Grav Labs ashcatchers, and much more! One of the most important considerations, when purchasing an ashcatcher, is the size of your current water pipe. SKU GK3 Categories Straight & Beaker Tubes, Geyser Tubes. The Glass Triple Disc Perc Bong Blue Honeycomb is a percolator bong that provides higher-grade quality experience in its utilization. 5" Inches / 190mm Joint Size: 19mm Female Joint Thickness: 7mm Triple Inline Diffuser Base. 99 Straight Tube Bongs are a type of scientific glass water pipe or dab rig that have a certain shape. I know for a fact that bong takes no air to get a yellow gross tossing hit and no air to clear. 5 inches base. 0 Based on 1 Reviews. Sep 25, 2020 · Three honeycomb percs. Nov 16, 2020 · This awesome stemless water pipe features a 90 ° angle design with a 19mm joint. Add to Cart 19" Triple Tree Perc Beaker Base Bong - Slyme. Bongs Under $50. Percolator Bongs. Triple the function, triple the smoke filtration. Watch your smoke filter three times over as you inhale the silky smooth hits. 14mm male bowl included. $180. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 4 mm. FREE Discreet Shipping. WeedStar Old School Color-Line Ice Bong with Triple HoneyComb Disc Percolator The showerhead perc could also be categories as a hybrid perc between a disc perc and a barrel perc. You'll triple your dry herb enjoyment with this beautiful piece that has a splash guard built in, pushed glass accents for impressive aesthetics and a good grip, and an extra-thick base for rock-solid stability. 5 Feb 2020 These percolator bongs split your smoke into tiny bubbles, filtering your hits. As you can see, the title of the best percolator bong on the market is well backed by the qualities of this device. Triple 8-arm tree percs. Standard bongs are fine, but if you want to take your smoking to the next level, you have to invest in a perc bong. Comes with drain bowl. But, before you purchase, you must find the right measurements for your water pipe accessories , as well as buy according to your water bong's gender (remember, male water pipes get female accessories and vice versa). $34. 263k members in the StonerEngineering community. The Pulsar Straight Triple Turbine Perc Bong stands at 14 inches. She features three ornate mushroom-shaped diffusers. Fairyland is a gorgeous pink glass bong/oil rig. HVY Glass 26mm Beaker Bong - Clear Straight Tube Glass Water Bongs Triple Percolator Bong Honeycomb Perc Water Pipes Birdcage Perc With Ash Catcher Dab Rigs 18mm Joint Oil Rig. The bong is made from durable 4mm borosilicate glass with blue rims and measures 255mm in height. Generally, the bong directs smoke underneath the water between two outlets on the top and bottom of the ‘percolator’. Attached to this base is an 18mm female joint which holds the included 18mm male bowl. Large Triple Disc with Barrel Perc Bong 2. US $9. Your smoke will be extra percolated as it passes through to your lungs. Ice catcher bongs, herb grinders and 510 vape pens are just the beginning. Features three inline showerhead for smoother hits. Chongz White Nasty Triple Perc Bong 37cm The White Nasty is a beautifully craft bong from Chongz. The Works - Water Pipe. Pink O'Smoke - Mushroom Perc Orb Base Tilted Bong - Pink. Percolator. This thing is rock  This massive 22" Triple Chamber Beaker Bottom is a unique fancy pipe from our Galaxy Collection. Fused downstem to showerhead perc for better filteration. 0SpIonGsXGoO573re8dH. Take extremely cool and smooth hits from this magnificent blue, high-end bong! Chongz White Nasty Triple Perc Bong 37cmThe White Nasty is a beautifully craft bong from Chongz. The color and performance of this huge tube are fantastic. LA Pipes Straight Ice Bong with Triple Showerhead Percolator | 26 Inch . 25" • Triple Chamber, Natural Perc, UFO Perc, Matrix Dome Perc • 14mm Female Joint, Glass on Glass • 14mm Male Bowl Piece for Dry Herb • Clear Borosilicate Glass w/ Colored Accents • Height: 15. Smoke enters the pipes and filtered first by the water pipe's diffused removable downstem and is then also filtered through Percolator bongs create holes that generate more bubbles which filter and cool smoke for smoother, fresher hits. It offers the very best filtration. One of the most unique characteristics found in this water pipe is the diamond base which has been implemented to beautify the overall design of the product. 16" Triple Inline Showerhead Percolator Bong . Comes with a 18mm dry herb bowl. Free Shipping on orders over $50. Add to Cart. If you're looking for an easy to use great hitting daily driver, this is it. Each of the three honeycomb percs are stacked above one another in the base of the bong. Oct 25, 2020 · 3 Honeycomb Percolators. Brand New. C$119. Stands 16" inches tall. These ash catchers are placed in between your bowl and downstem and act as an ashtray that keeps your bong cleaner for longer periods of time. Base width: 4in. • Triple Chamber, Natural Perc, UFO Perc, Matrix Dome Perc • 14mm Female Joint, Glass on Glass • 14mm Male Bowl Piece for Dry Herb • Clear Borosilicate Glass w/ Colored Accents • Height: 15. The three tree percs each have eight arms and plenty of filtration. Chic glass bong with percolated hits and pops of color 😆 Percolator bong 😆 Fixed downstem 😆 14mm female joint 😆 Curved neck 😆 Three jellyfish percs 😆 Clear glass bowl 😆 Lots of bubbles 😆 Comfortable hits 😆 Comes in blue or jade Description The Triple Barrel Bong's sleek and stylish appearance makes it a great triple perc bongs. Sep 07, 2014 · I have a bong almost identical. Height 14" Comes 18mm bowl Built with high quality borosilicate glass 2 honeycombs & 1 multi tree percolator Comes in blue or green Shipping - water pipe is in stock and will ship within one business day. Honeycomb Percolators Triple Perc Bongs Find your best-fitted triple perc bongs from DHgate Canada site. Check out our extensive array of double, triple, and even quadruple percolator bongs! These American made scientific bongs are sure to put a smile on your face. Our store offers fritted disc bong & fritted disc perc pieces made with tough, durable glass for long-lasting use. Nov 11, 2020 · triple honeycomb percolator bong (san jose west) $100. $199. This bong has a beaker base, which holds the first three UFO percs. Each layer can be filled with ice to chill the smoke and make every rip even smoother. Products. 25" Glass Bongs for Sale. Helping you step by step of finding cheap helix perc bong is what we aim for. Cheap straight tube bong ice pinch might be everywhere but those in ca. badassglass. We offer free shipping for orders over $100 before tax. Products mentioned: 1. This glass beaker will dominate your living room, measuring 22 inches tall. (Banger sold separately. Each of the percolator discs filters the smoke and breaks it up into bubbles, making for an extraordinarily smooth toke full of flavour. This multiple filtration percolator is called a recycler percolator and is usually built as part of the bong itself. Click to expand Tap to zoom 13" Dream White Tube Triple Perc Water Pipe by Dream. Water Chamber: This is where the magic happens. Support: +1 469-405-4000 Email: info@monstersmokeoutlet. Standing at 14" tall on a stable flared base, this bong is complete with a matching Ben Wilson martini slide and is perfect for daily use. 95. Same day shipping on all orders placed before 12:00 PM (EST). Perc Bongs. The price is really reasonable with free shipping so let's buy it. This bong features 3 perfectly slitted showerhead percolators  Percolator bongs | Check out our collection | Worldwide shipping | Shop our affordable LA Pipes Straight Ice Bong with Triple Showerhead Percolator | 26 Inch. C $69. 99. Free shipping . This Bio water pipe is 18" tall and is fused with three honeycomb disc percolators. ,LIMITED established in 2007 is one of the most outstanding manufacturers of glass smoking pipes in China. See more ideas about Pipes and bongs, Percolators, Weed pipes. This bong towers at 12” to bring you 3 separate showerhead percolators. This bong is made with a stemless design and three blue honeycomb disc percolators that filter the vapor that goes through it. This triple incycler dab rig continuously recycles water through its percolator giving very smooth hits. We stock the best pieces at the best prices, and there's nothing wrong with going affordable! If your looking for high quality bad ass custom crafted bongs, look no further! We have a wide range of bongs, from beaker bong, straight tube bongs, percolator bongs, water pipes and more cool bongs! All of our bongs are made with high quality glass, customized in many varieties of shapes, colors and sizes! Glass Material 48cm Length 14mm Female Joint Size Straight Base Shape Triple Matrix Percolator Please note that drop cone is not included. We carry perc bongs of all kinds such as honeycomb percs, tree percs, inline percs, and dozens of other unique and i 11" Triple Honeycomb Perc Bong. Pulsar Vaporizers offers you awesome smoke sesh products! HIGHLIGHTS. 99 C$99. 64 - 52. $ 79. Be the first to review this product. They accent their pieces with beautiful colored glass that really makes the bong or dab rig pop. When you have an ashcatcher on your water pipe or bong, you can easily add a percolator for even better water filtration and smoking impact. Includes: (1) Y420 - Triple Inline Diffuser Base The following dab rigs are the best and most popular from our collection. We love these neat little pieces as well. 8 inches tall and is hand blown by Diamond Glass in Southern California. Black Skull Bowl Piece -14mm. This work of beauty is the perfect daily ripper. For a small and relatively basic tube-style bong, this device gives you extra bang for your buck, due in large part to its three honeycomb disc percolators that triple diffuse your smoke. Check out other cool bongs at Molino Glass. Specs: Height: 20 in; Base width: 5 in; 19 mm bowl; Triple 8-arm tree percs GW-157, 10inches Triple Honeycomb perc Bongs Heady Glass Bong Dab Rig 10″ Triple Honeycomb perc Bongs oil rigs water pipes percolator pipe quartz banger bowl wax Straight tube purple Height:10″ Triple Tree Perc Bong Glass Water Pipe Bubbler Lake Green. triple percolator bong

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